Use These Tactics To Avoid Foot Issues At The Gym

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Joining a gym and working out regularly can help you to burn fat, gain muscle, and even experience an elevated mood. However, you want to ensure that your newfound commitment to exercise doesn't come at the cost of your foot health. Going from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one will tax several areas of your body, including your feet. While a podiatrist a at a medical office like the Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center can help you deal with a broad range of foot-related issues that may occur as a result of working out, the best strategy is to take care to avoid these problems to begin with. Here are some tactics to employ to keep your feet healthy at the gym.

Wear The Right Shoes

Athletic shoes often look the same, but if you're ready to get serious about working out, you need to ensure that you buy the right shoes. Athletic shoes can often be broken down into two categories — running shoes and weightlifting shoes. The former style is known for its cushioned insoles, while the latter has little padding under your feet to allow you push off the ground harder when lifting weights. You especially don't want to inadvertently buy weightlifting shoes to wear for cardiovascular exercises, as the lack of padding may lead to heel pain or overall discomfort. When you're shopping for athletic shoes, make sure that you get help from a salesperson so that you can buy shoes for your intended purposes.

Build Up Slowly On The Treadmill

If you haven't previously used a treadmill or you're significantly out of shape, it's important to heed the motto "walk before you run." It takes a period of adjustment until you can jog on the treadmill; beginners can often slip off the machine or roll an ankle, resulting in foot or ankle injuries. If you have trouble moving beyond a walking pace on the treadmill, try a machine such as the stationary bicycle, as you may find it easier to use.

Wear Sandals In The Shower

If you'll be showering at the gym, make sure that you have rubber or plastic sandals to wear. Acute injuries aren't the only issues facing your feet at the gym — if you shower in your bare feet, you may develop warts, fungal issues, or other problems as a result of sharing an area with many other gym members.

If you encounter any foot-related issues as a result of working out, schedule a visit with your podiatrist promptly.