Foot Issues To Keep An Eye Out For This Summer

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Summertime is when your feet are exposed to all types of things, as you're most likely wearing summer sandals. You could end up with a lot of different foot issues that can be painful or just be a pain. Read on for some foot issues that you may be exposed to this summer and what to keep an eye out for.

Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot feels like a burning itchy feeling usually between the toes, but it can be felt all over the foot as well. It can happen when your feet are exposed to bacteria and fungus. Sweaty feet or moisture on the feet can cause athlete's foot, but so can walking barefoot in public areas such as pools, locker rooms, and other public places.

If you feel the burning or itching feeling on your feet, use a cream such as Lotrimin to kill the bacteria, or you can use an anti-fungal spray on your feet as well. Be sure to keep your feet dry and clean, and always wear shoes in any public place.


Calluses may occur when you wear improper fitting shoes. The callus forms to help protect the skin from further harm. The callus is a thick layer of skin and can be worn down using a pumice stone and soaking the feet in warm water. Be sure to wear footwear that is comfortable and fits you well -- not too tight or too loose. 


Blisters are a pus-filled wound that is caused by friction. Your shoes may be rubbing your feet and causing injury to your feet. You may spot blisters on the back of the heel or on the sides of the foot. If this is the case, your shoes may not be fitting you properly. If there is something in the shoe that is rubbing on your foot, you can wear a bandage on your foot to prevent it from rubbing on your skin or wear different shoes altogether.


With your feet exposed in sandals, your feet are susceptible to all types of injury. You could stub your toe, something could fall on your feet, and are exposed to germs that could lead to infections. Keep an eye on your feet and watch for injuries that aren't healing or that are worsening.  If your injury is not healing or is worsening get to your podiatrist for treatment. 

For all of your foot problems, pain or injury see your podiatrist to keep your feet healthy. For more information, check out a website like