How to Ease Bunion Pain while You Wait for Surgery

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If you are on your feet all day, every day, whether it's due to your job or keeping your children in check, your feet need to be able to walk distances without giving you pain. Bunions can make even the simplest movement hard and painful. The out-of-joint big toe can be caused by several things, from how you walk to what shoes you wear.

If you are scheduled to have surgery to correct your bunion, you may have a bit of a wait and want relief now. If you wish to relieve some of the pain you might be experiencing, here are some ways to make you feel better while you wait for your surgery.

Moleskin or Gel-Filled Pads

Walking can be very uncomfortable if you have a severe bunion, and there isn't much that can ease the pain. However, if you purchase either moleskin or gel-filled pads at the drugstore, these can help relieve some of the pressure placed on the foot at the point of the bunion. The padding helps to cushion the joint to ease the pain. Some pads can help correct how you walk as well as relieve pressure on the joint.

Shoe Inserts or Orthotics

You can help to correct how you walk by buying shoe inserts that are edged on the side you traditionally walk on. This will force your foot to walk in the proper position and help to ease pressure on the bunion. You can buy these in a drugstore. You could also get prescription orthotics to place in your shoes to help correct your walking too. These are created specifically for your foot and how you walk. The device will force your foot to change its position when walking and help to ease the pain.

Overnight Splint or Toe Spacers

Your doctor could recommend you wear an overnight splint on the toe to help straighten it while you sleep. You should only do this with the help of a doctor. This will keep your toe in the correct position to help ease the pain so you can get some rest. Along similar lines, you could use toe spacers to realign the toes. You typically wear these in your shoes while walking. While you will see some benefits of using them while walking, they will not permanently fix the bunion.

Foot Spa or Ice Packs

If your feet ache after a day of walking, you could opt for a foot spa to gently massage your feet with warm water. You could try using some Epsom salt in the water to help with inflammation. Also, you could use ice packs to keep the swelling down and ease the pain. If you prefer your feet warm, try heating up some socks until they are warm. The heat will soothe any pain and also help with inflammation.

Contact a bunionectomy treatment professional for more information.